Your first session includes a physical assessment, determining resting heart rate, calculating body fat percentage and taking measurements.

We also get an assessment of muscular endurance and strength, as well as a cardiovascular fitness and flexibility baseline.

All this information will provide a reference in order to track your increased fitness level once your individualized program is underway. Your custom, varied program can cover strength, cardiovascular training, flexibility and agility.

Interested in private training with our instructors? Please email us and we will provide you with their availability.

personal training

In response to your goals and your preference for one-on-one training, we offer one-hour sessions that can take place in the training studio and outdoors. Julie and Jeanne work to match you with the trainer who you feel is best suited to work with you. Do you travel for work or have an irregular schedule. Skype personal training might be your solution. Please email us with questions or for rates.
personal training options + rates
personal training with a FUEL trainer
1 session: $85 per hour
6 sessions: $450 ($75 per hour)
12 sessions: $780 ($65 per hour)

personal training with julie or jeanne
1 session: $100 per hour
6 sessions: $560 ($93 per hour)
12 sessions: $1100 ($91 per hour)
in home personal training options + rates
in home personal training
1 session:
6 sessions:
12 sessions:

in home personal training for special populations
1 session:
6 sessions:
12 sessions:

small group training

Bring a good friend or two, significant other or spouse. We train groups of friends and colleagues who can continue to support each other in establishing a sustainable and challenging fitness routine.
doubles training (2 people) options + rates
1 session: $120 per hour $60 each
12 sessions: $100 per hour $50 each
small group (3-5 people) training options + rates
1 session $150 ($30-$50 each)
6 sessions $810 ($27-$45 each)