The fuel team is comprised of the best fitness instructors on the north shore.

Each trainer brings his or her specific expertise and electric personality to a wide array of classes.

jeanne carter  |  co-founder  |  personal trainer

Jeanne has been working in the fitness industry for over 17 years. She is an AFAA certified personal trainer, ACE certified group fitness instructor, Les Mills Body Training System certified, as well as being certified in Group Power. In addition to her private training, Jeanne teaches heavy bag boxing, boot camp, cycle, dance, strength, tabata and cardiovascular training. Jeanne and Julie have developed the fuel method of training. Jeanne also holds a degree in business, and has a 15 year background in ballet.

julie bokat  |  co-founder  |  personal trainer

Julie is an AFAA certified personal trainer as well as an AFAA certified spin instructor. She grew up playing basketball and softball and has been a downhill skier and runner for years.  In addition to personal training, Julie teaches cycle, boot camp, strength, cardiovascular training, barre-fit, tabata, HiiT and boxing.

Together Julie and Jeanne have developed the fuel method of training. Julie is also a visual artist and holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in painting from the University of Pennsylvania.

jessie reardon  |  studio manager  |  cycle  |  interval  |  barre  |  treadshred  |  maxed out  |  personal trainer

Jessie Reardon is an ACE Certified Group Fitness instructor who has always led an active lifestyle. A college athlete, Jessie now stays active in a variety of ways, whether it’s playing basketball or soccer with her three kids in the yard, taking a cycle, maxed out or hip hop class, or even taking a flying trapeze class. Jessie’s classes are personal, energetic, and upbeat. While motivating and pushing you to your personal limits, she ensures her classes provide you with a safe, effective and FUN workout that will leave you coming back for more! Jessie is also available for personal and/or small group training, during which you can focus on more individualized goals and develop a long term fitness plan built on a cross training-based workout regime.

alix vercontaire  |  treadshred  |  cycle  |  interval  |  barre  |  personal trainer

Alix’s love for fitness started as a very young girl. What started as a love for running turned into a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. You will see Alix’s passion, energy and enthusiasm in each and every one of her classes that will leave you feeling sweaty, sore and fully accomplished. 

alli sherman  |  cycle

Alli Sherman is an energetic mom of two, a distance runner, snowboarder and lifelong fitness enthusiast.  She discovered barre when researching core training exercises to strengthen and stretch in between road races.  Barre was transforming and also reignited her love of dance.  Alli has instructed cycle, barre and mat pilates classes over the years and also runs barre classes for young, competitive dancers during their off seasons.  If there is anything she hopes to accomplish with her clients, it is to inspire a passion for fitness, wellness and to build confidence through strength and movement, so that energy overflows into every other facet of their lives. 

autumn notargiacomo  |  cycle  

Autumn has always lived a very active lifestyle, and grew up playing almost every sport there is. Fitness is her passion, and she will inspire you. Her classes are upbeat, energetic, fun, and no one will leave unsatisfied! The sweat will be dripping and she will push clients to their full potential.

dylan romani  |  hip hop

Dylan Romani graduated from Fitchburg State University, where he spent his internship at the Jeannette Neill Dance Studio in Boston, MA! Dylan has been teaching hip hop for over 3 years beginning in college and continuing on to teach at summer camps, off-season programs, and various dance studios. His love for dance is coupled by his unique ability and passion for instructing non-dancers to embrace their inner Beyoncé!

gwen dumont  |  barre 

Gwen discovered yoga in 2004 as a means to rehabilitate her lung after a serious injury and subsequent surgery. In 2007, Gwen added barre classes to her fitness mix and found the complementary practices to be perfect for her in terms of toning, building strength, and increasing flexibility. Gwen began teaching barre in 2008 and since then has enjoyed sharing her love and enthusiasm for barre with many dedicated and strong clients who are determined to “stay in it!” In addition to teaching barre, Gwen is a substitute teacher at Brookwood School, teaching grades PreK-8. When not teaching, Gwen loves spending time with her daughter, walking, reading, writing, and traveling internationally.

jenn pilz  |  barre  

As a trained Physical Therapist, Jenn is passionate about promoting the long-term health benefits of exercise for both your body and mind. She discovered barre in 2006 when it was first introduced in Newburyport. It helped her to get back into shape after birth of her second child, and she instantly became a barre enthusiast. Jenn was able to continue her barre practice throughout her twins' pregnancy, and felt that it kept her in excellent shape despite her expanding body. After their birth, Jenn decided to use her passion for barre to teach others, and became certified to teach at Exhale Spa in Boston. She was lucky enough to help grow Fuel Training Studio's barre program as an instructor from 2012-2015 until she left to pursue her own business. Four years later, Jenn has re-descovered barre and is thrilled to be instructing at Fuel yet again! Music is the driving force in all of her classes, and she uses it to keep your energy level up and to inspire you to work outside of your comfort zone to achieve maximum results! 

jodi field  |  treadshred  |  maxed out  |  interval  |  personal trainer

Jodi Field has been coaching athletics for over 20 years. Her certifications include athletic coaching, athletic training, coaching philosophy & fundamentals, The Spinning instructor certification program & barre training. She is currently working towards both a health coach certification and her personal training certificate. Her goal as an instructor is to create a training environment that motivates & empowers individuals to challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way. Finding balance between nutrition & fitness is her passion.

lisa angelini  |  maxed out  |  boxing  | interval

Fitness and health have always been an important part of Lisa’s life, whether it is to keep your weight, or positive attitude in check, a healthy lifestyle (80/20) is the main ingredient.  Beginning her cheerleading career at the age of eight and continuing throughout college, her love to inspire and motivate was learned early on and remained a part of who she is.  Lisa’s classes are energetic, upbeat and aim to push you out of your comfort zone, realizing you are far more capable than you thought!

lori fisher byrnes  |  barre  |  cycle shred  |  strength + power  |  personal trainer

From a very young age, Lori fell in love with dance and exercise through ballet.   After many years of enjoying all forms of movement, running, spinning, cross fit, paddle boarding, dance & more, a nagging hip injury forced her to evaluate and modify.  She discovered Barre in 2012 & immediately fell in love with the methodology!  Lori became a Certified Barre Instructor through Balance Studios in Cohasset.  She was also one of the original trainers for the BOKS Kids Program (a before school exercise program run by Reebok) when it was introduced in the Weymouth Public Schools.  When not teaching at Fuel, Lori manages her husband’s chiropractic office in Weymouth. Barre awakened Lori’s love of dance and teaching, and she is grateful to educate others on the healthy benefits & joy of practicing not only barre, but every form of movement & exercise! Lori lives with her son and her husband on Plum Island.

meagan king  |  treadshred  |  running coach

Meagan has been running, biking, swimming, moving and shaking since childhood.  As a former collegiate runner, active marathoner and Cross-Country coach, Meagan knows a thing or two about working hard and tapping into mental strength.  Full of energy and positive vibes this girl will get you excited about moving your body!

melissa o’brien  |  cycle  |  cycle shred  | interval  |   treadshred  |  maxed out

Melissa has a passion for helping others achieve optimal wellness. She has been a massage therapist for 22 years and incorporates her knowledge and experience in all her classes. Through out Melissa's life, fitness has always been a priority, and has twenty years of fitness teaching experience. After all these years, she still brings enthusiasm and energy to the studio to motivate and support clients of all fitness levels. Rise and shine and start your day off energized and happy!

phil bean  |  maxed out  |  treadshred  |  interval  

Phil has always been active and loves to run, surf, ski and mountain bike. He recently started paddle board racing, so you might see him out on the Merrimack training for his next race. Fitness is something he has become more passionate about over the years as it allows him to not only enjoy his favorite activities but also keep up with his son. As an insurance and employee benefits consultant, Phil spends his days helping corporate clients understand how to improve the health and wellness of their employees. Teaching fitness classes gives Phil an outlet to share his enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle with others while helping them motivate, stay positive and have some fun along the way.

rachel carter  |  cycle  |  cycle shred  |  treadshred  |  maxed out

Rachel’s classes are bound to get your energy up, your booty shakin’, your arms pumpin’, and your sweat pourin’! Her goal is to inspire and push you to your limit, all while (hopefully) keeping a smile on your face.

rebecca bourque  |  cycle

Rebecca is passionate about health and fitness. Growing up she was an avid athlete playing basketball, field hockey and track. Rebecca first became part of the Fuel family in 2011 shortly after the birth of her daughter. As a client she fell in love with Fuel’s positive and supportive vibe and the dynamic and challenging workouts. Now a Fuel trained cycle instructor she strives to bring an inspired and challenging workout to every rider.

rhonda ayres  |  barre  |  strength + power

Watching clients gain strength, increase their flexibility, and change their bodies is truly one of Rhonda's favorite things. It’s her goal in every class that every client leave with a sense of accomplishment and a confidence that carries over into the rest of their day. 

sarah brown  |  maxed out  |  treadshred  |  cycle shred  |  interval 

Sarah is a current Special Education Teacher and a workout enthusiast who loves to share her passion to inspire others. She has participated in 5ks and Sprint triathlons, as well as athletics while in high school. Her thrill seeking personality has propelled her to become a volunteer firefighter and to try out skydiving. Her passion for pushing the limits in class is sure to inspire clients to reach their max. Her classes are energetic and full of grit with music to get the heart thumping.

tommy murray  | interval  |  maxed out  |  personal trainer

Tommy is a former school administrator and teacher, who brings to training close to 20 years of experience working with both children and adults. His focus in teaching has always been student-centered and he takes the same approach when working with adults. As a trainer and instructor, he draws on his experience as a parent, an athlete, and desire to be active and adventurous to clearly understand the multi-level challenges we face to be active and physically fit.  With the right opportunity, support, and focus, he believes anyone can get on the road to being fit for life.  After all, life is easier when you are physically fit!