The fuel training method ensures that your body practices muscle movements applicable to every day living.

Not only will you become stronger, leaner and more fit, but you will also become more coordinated and agile during your daily routines.

Fuel’s carefully designed exercises are closely related to the kinds of movements, muscle uses, and flexibility requirements of everyday living, resulting in better balance, strength and flexibility in your everyday habits. Not only can you perform better during your workout, you can burn more calories and use your body with greater skill and confidence whether you are putting groceries away or playing soccer with your children in the back yard.

Many of our classes and personal training sessions use the fuel method. Based on Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), the fuel method is a scientifically grounded exercise philosophy that combines muscle strengthening, flexibility, core work centered on the abdominal region, and quick bursts of high intensity cardio, creating an unstable environment that keeps the body “guessing”. Often people plateau when they don’t modify their exercise routine. Even though they are working out regularly, the body becomes “used” to the same routine. The fuel method ensures that your body will never become too accustomed to one routine and is therefore incredibly effective.

The variety of quick strength exercises and intense cardio bursts results in increased oxygen depletion during and after your workout, resulting in post-exercise “after-burn” that stimulates a highly efficient calorie-burning metabolism. This means that the body can burn extra calories up to 38 hours after you return to a post-exercise resting state resulting in anywhere from approximately 500-800 calories burned for each class or personal training session.

The fuel method of barre training is comprised of a series of strengthening and stretching exercises incorporating all the major muscle groups of your body. The class is a fusion of core conditioning, ballet barre work, yoga and orthopedic exercise. The strength work consists of many different exercises working each muscle to exhaustion followed by stretching, giving the muscles a long lean appearance. Each exercise is focused on proper alignment to get optimal results with precise and effective movements. Both your mind and your body will be transformed. The class is set to upbeat, fun music making the 60 minutes you devote to yourself an enjoyable, challenging experience!