Beginner Sampler
November 13, 2017
Full Time Student, Thanksgiving + Winter Break Unlimited!
November 20, 2017

Youth After School Fitness

This program is geared towards pre-teens in 4th-8th grade who are interested in a fun and active way to spend an afternoon. Whether you’re looking for sport specific conditioning, or just looking to keep your body moving while getting an introduction to group fitness, this is the series for you. Your child will learn proper form, body mechanics, and progressive movements all while listening to fun & clean music!

DATE: November 20th – December 18th
DAY: Monday
TIME: 3:30-4:15
BRING: Water Bottle
Your energy!
Clean sneakers required for training studio.
Socks required for barre studio.
Cycle shoes required for cycle studio
(Cycle shoes available for rent)


To sign up go HERE

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